WordPress 2.0

Freitag, Januar 6th, 2006

katzenbach.info läuft jetzt mit WordPress 2.0. Das Aktualisieren der Software lief problemlos und dauerte nur 10min. Sieht alles wunderbar aus, mit Firefox hat man nun einen schicken WYSIWYG-Editor (Safari leider nicht), der Spam soll mit dem viel gerühmten Akismet in Grenzen gehalten werden. Bislang sehr zufrieden!

Test after being hacked

Mittwoch, November 9th, 2005

… my WordPress system seems to have been hacked. Several plug-ins were disabled, the theme switched and old posts are still not being displayed (although they are in the database and the index.php seems to be OK). I wonder what happenend and hope I’ll bring the old posts back. Any help or tips are appreciated. [...]

Why my WordPress Blog was slowed down

Freitag, Oktober 21st, 2005

Did you know that the WPShortStats-Plugin for WordPress may be a cause for very retarded responses? It definitely was (at least I hope that) in my case and obviously I am not alone: The reason why wp-shortstat is cause WordPress to run slow is that is uses a lookup service to determine the country for [...]