Presentation “Technology and Social Communication” at PhD-Workshop in Wroclaw

Freitag, November 20th, 2009

This week I participated at a PhD-Workshop on New Media Studies at the University of Wroclaw, Poland. The workshop was perfectly organized by Katarzyna Kopecka-Piech, participants were PhD-Candidates from (allmost) all over Europe. I presented on “Technology and Social Communication” and suggested to use STS and Governce Approaches for bridging the gap between technological determinism [...]

Presentation “Technologies as Institutions” at ECREA-Workshop

Freitag, November 20th, 2009

This november has been my month of workshops and conferences. The first was organized by Natascha Just and Manuel Puppis for the ECREA Section “Communication Law and Policy” with the theme  “New Directions in Communication Policy Research”. I presented on “Technologies and Institutions. Rethinking the Role of Technology in Governance Constellations”. Technologies as Institutions View [...]

CfP “Digital Media Technologies Revisited”

Montag, Februar 16th, 2009

Der Call for Papers (pdf) für die Tagung “Digital Media Technologies Revisited: Theorising social relations, interactions and communication” ist veröffentlicht. Die Tagung wird von zwei Fachgruppen der DGPuK (CvK und Soziologie) gemeinsam mit der ECREA-Sektion “Digital Culture & Communication” veranstaltet. Termin fürs Einreichen von Extended Abstracts ist der 31. Mai 2009, die Tagung findet am 20. [...]