A new nifty browser is out: Flock 21 Oktober 05

It has been hyped a lot these days. And my first impression is: it lives up to the nice words.
Flock is a new browser that integrates nifty Social Software tools. It’s open source and build on top of Firefox. It synchronizes with your del.icio.us account, makes you blog directly in the browser and connects nicely to the photo sharing-site Flickr.Flickr Photo
So how was my test-run? I really like it. The browsing is fast and good. The design is (I run Mac OS X) somewhat more Mac-like than Fire
fox. But I still prefer Safari. Now to things that are unique to Flock.


There is a built in Blog Editor. As far as I see, it’s small, quick and very useful. The configuration was wonderfully done in 5 seconds. It has a richt text interface. On top there is a toolbar where you can either display Flickr photos (see picture) or your latest blog entries. What I didn’t like: It does support Technorati Tags, but not the blog’s own categories (!), it’s not making strong things strong, but bold.

Flickr Toolbar

The Flickr Toolbar displays the latest photos of a Flickr user you choose (see picture). It works great with the Blog Editor. You just drag a photo into a post and it’s there – nicely formatted and linked to the original photo page. What else does the Flickr Toolbar do? We’ll see. It’s nifty anyways.


The del.icio.us integration is good. It synchronizes your local favorites and your del.icio.us account. It just works. Nice. But we’ll see if it’s really better than a del.icio.us favelet.

So – I like it. I don’t know if it’ll replace my Safari, Ecto, 1001, del.icio.us combination. Probably not really. But it’s a good one.

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Update [24.10.05]: Using Flock more or less for three days now, I still wonder if it’ll finally replace my well trained team Safari + del.icio.us (pop-up posting) + Ecto. And one reason why I might not switch, is what Jill Walker points out. Flock is just too good as a connector of our digital lives:

I removed my Flickr feed from my blog because I don’t want my students and colleagues and neighbours to find my photos. I use del.icio.us for links that I’m happy for the world to see – if it’s integrated with my browser, I’m going to need an option for private links as well.

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